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EquityPay is creating a self-growing community of Entrepreneurs, composed of people with the highest ethics, to be governed under the principles of divine or natural laws wherein members would transact with each other under the self-regulated or community-made by-laws woven carefully with the concepts of honesty and integrity reflected with fair treatment to all.

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NON-ICO Community

Our Community does not engage in exchanging coins for funding or investments from third parties.

Community Participation Rewards

EQPAY coins could be earned in the form of referral rewards by inviting others to use our Dragonfly Wallet.


EquityPay Eco network is designed to leverage the computing power of low-power personal computers for both (POW) and (POS) transactions.

A Community Build on INTEGRITY!

The requirements of fairness in business directed us towards the foundation of this project which takes “Equity” as the paramount consideration. The Term “Equity” refers to fairness, justness, integrity, and the act of self-righteousness for the governance of Men and Women. It is also about adhering to the words, promises and obligations in business transactions coupled with justness in the actions.

50% Poof-of-Work

Proof-of-work (POW) is a tool that enhances the security of a network by requiring participants to dedicate computational power.

Peer-to-Peer Network

A peer-to-peer network is a system that connects multiple devices and shares resources without relying on a Central Computer.

50% Poof-of-Stake

Unlike the Proof-of-work algorithm that relies on computing power, the Proof-of-stake utilizes a combination of random selection, wealth, or age to determine the next block creator.

Smart Contracts

A smart contract is a computer program stored onto a blockchain that enables and automates transactions based on a predetermined condition.


Building Private Communities

At EquityPay, we are creating a private membership community that operates under natural laws, a haven for entrepreneurs where common values, goals, and dreams come to life.

We’re not just stopping at a digital currency. We’re building our own platforms, creating Natural Wealth Communities. These are spaces where collaboration and innovation aren’t just concepts, but a way of life.

Community Participation Rewards

Introducing the “DragonFly Reward Program,” where change and transformation await. Join this exciting program to unlock a world of opportunities and earn EQPAY coins through referrals. With DragonFly, you can experience the power of rewards as you invite others to join. Soar high towards success and embrace the EQPAY coin bonanza that comes with referrals. Let DragonFly fuel your earnings and be a part of this transformative journey.

Entrepreneurship for Emerging Economies

Step into our community, where coins are not just exchanged but transformed into opportunities. We’re not about funding or investments – we’re all about fostering a community of entrepreneurs. Mining, staking, and referral rewards are the name of the game here, motivating both new and existing members to actively contribute to our growth. In return, we shower them with EQUITYPAY (“EQPAY”) COINS, the currency that thrives in any business environment.


Dragonfly Secure
Wallet App

Our Dragonfly App only takes a few minutes to install and use. You can earn daily CRYPTOCURRENCY REWARDS, by helping us build community.

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Finally, we the people, have a platform that has all the capabilities of our modern world, and all the privacy of the old world. Building generous, generational wealth for my family, using the divine laws of nature in the natural world.
David Castanos