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Indulge in flawless transactions of buying and selling the EQPAY coins listed on an exchange to contribute towards building our community and thriving together.

How Can Buy & Sell

Equitypay (EQPAY) will operate in the public domain as a means of exchange, however, its primary focus will be on building a secure platform for its community members.

Sign up for an account on the exchange platform and complete the verification process. We are currently listed on p2pb2b.com and AZbit.com.

Deposit funds into your account using supported payment methods for buying and selling the cryptocurrencies including EQPAY coins. As an equity pay community member, you can earn EQPAY coins directly through referral rewards programme (refer to the reward policy for more details) which can be traded in the listed exchanges.

Navigate to the trading section, select the EQPAY coin pair you wish to trade, and place your buy or sell order at the desired price. Once matched with a counterparty, your transaction will be executed, and your EQPAY coins will be credited or funds will be deposited into your account accordingly.

P2PB2B Exchange

P2B Cryptocurrency Exchange, one of the biggest international digital assets exchanges with $1.5B daily trades, offers the best go-to-market experience for crypto projects. KYC is not required to open an account.

AZbit Exchange

Established in 2013, Azbit has consistently ranked among the top 10 exchanges. It is a full-service digital asset exchange platform covering millions of users around the world.

More Exchanges Coming...

We will be adding more exchanges in the future check back here often for more new listings.