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About Us

EquityPay is creating a self-growing community of Entrepreneurs, composed of people with the highest ethics, to be governed under the principles of divine or natural laws wherein members would transact with each other under the self-regulated or community-made by-laws woven carefully with the concepts of honesty and integrity reflected with fair treatment to all.

EquityPay will be developing a platform for E-commerce similar to Amazon, wherein the members would be indulging in the sale and purchase of goods amongst themselves. Similarly, a platform like Fiverr for buying and selling services would be created followed by a platform for providing educational courses similar in line to Udemy. The websites so created could be accessed only by the community members. The payment method would prominently be EquityPay (EQPAY) coin that will be listed in the crypto exchanges and would be utilized for the private use of the members.


The Community Builders

We are a group of passionate people who came together for creating this vibrant community for Entrepreneurs. Our vast experience and knowledge have made it possible for everyone to mine and stake from their home setup and contribute towards the development and growth of this community backed with a reward system comprising EQPay coins.