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Mastering Bitcoin: Insights from Michael Saylor

The essence of human nature remains constant across millennia. The primal struggles that defined us 100,000 years ago persist in modern times. However, what undergoes constant evolution is technology. Consider this: while ancient fury might have resulted in the demise of a few, today, such rage could potentially inflict harm on millions. As technology progresses, so must our contemplations on ethics, morality, and the impact of technology on societal norms.

Presently, we grapple with the perennial issue of authority. Reflect on Lord Acton’s timeless assertion that absolute power corrupts absolutely. What distinguishes the absolute power of today from that of 10,000 years ago? Today, we confront the reality of entities that possess the capability to monitor the communications of billions.

Elon Musk embodies this vision every day. Yet, growing up, many of us were inspired by the idea of space exploration in the 70s and 80s. However, the reality is, space travel is prohibitively costly. We fell short of sending masses to the moon or Mars, unlike the migration waves in history. So, what’s the next frontier for those yearning for liberation? Enter cyberspace. Pause and ponder, as Steve Jobs urged, and dare to think differently.

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