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When to Sell Crypto: Expert Advice from Raoul Pal


When Should I Sell?

That’s the exact question macro-economic expert Raoul Pal tackled in his latest update to investors.

If you’ve been involved in crypto for any length of time, you’re likely aware of its cyclical nature. The market operates on a four-year cycle, primarily influenced by the Bitcoin halving. This cycle can be broken down into four distinct seasons: Crypto Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter.

In three of these seasons, crypto often stands out as the best performing asset globally. However, during Crypto Winter, it can turn into the worst performing asset.

On paper, the optimal selling strategy seems straightforward—sell all your crypto before Crypto Winter. Simple, right? According to Raoul, it’s not that simple. He explains that the best exit strategy in crypto is far more complex and nuanced than just timing the market.

In his update, Raoul dives deep into his decades of experience, using various charts to illustrate his points. He provides a detailed breakdown of what he believes to be the actual best exit strategy for crypto and how he sees the cycle unfolding.

For a comprehensive understanding and to learn about Raoul’s recommended approach, make sure to watch the video to the end.


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